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Texas Holdem Poker

The poker game has been famous for 70 years all over the world. But only in recent years has it become popular game for players from all ages and places. the texas hold’em poker version became a fun game and common social entertainment. Television channels began broadcasting poker tournaments, he prizes at these tournaments were millions of dollars, and overnight poker players became famous and role models.

By the end of 2019 and early 2020, the Corona virus has spread worldwide. Big social gatherings were banned and people were required to keep some distance from each other (2 Meters). Immediately poker tournaments around the world have begun to roll out. And tens of thousands of players were left unable to meet and play their favorite game.

The solution to the missing poker games was brought by the online poker sites, which began to offer attractive tournaments and cash games available and open to everyone. very soon these online poker sites reported a high increase in the number of new registrants players and the winning amounts of those tournaments skyrocketed.

One of the online poker sites for texas holdem game is 7XL poker. The number of players increased significantly during the Corona virus In 2020 period and at any given moment there are over 30,000 players. registration is currently open for the main event tournament with guarantee prize $25 million dollars!! with buy in of only $5,000 or you can sign up for tournament with prize pool of $2-3 million dollars that is nice as well.

25 Million Dollars prize in 7XL Poker

7XL poker site also offers low-entry tournaments and cash games that start even with $ 1. so, every one who want to learn poker or to get a little excited playing cards can start today with an easy and fast sign up. start playing online poker today!